• “This has a fantastic saffron flavour.”

    Tom Kerridge – Two Michelin starred chef

  • These drops present us with a wonderfully simple and flexible way to blend spices and create flavours.”

    Cyrus Todiwala TV chef and owner of landmark London restaurant Café Spice Namasté

  • “The garam masala Spice Drops® is great, very handy and has all the flavours of a true and authentic spice blend.”

    Manju Malhi – Celebrity chef

  • “Our senior buyer Andy was blown away by the versatility of this product….you could use it to liven up plain yoghurt or make mulled wine in seconds.”

    Naomi Bullivant – Ocado PR Executive

  • “Holy Lama Spice Drops® are concentrated extracts of natural spices. They offer a spectacular range which you can see here. I’ve been cooking with the drops for the past couple of weeks and love them. [Read More]"

    By Dan Toombs – The Curry Guy

  • “I find the spice drops rich, intense, and powerful in flavour. They encapsulate all the levels and depths of spices, and leave no metallic or artificial aftertaste that some spice ‘flavourings’ can. The drops are pure extracts of the spices, and that’s something you can tell straight away. One of the best products of its kind on the market. ”

    Ali Imdad, GBBO contestant

  • “Spice Drops® have brilliantly captured the fragrant aromas of India’s spices.”

    Aneesh Popat – The Chocolatier

  • “I am really impressed with them – half a drop of the lemon grass lifted an entire saucepan of dal. Another bonus is they remain fresh and do not take up much cupboard space which, if your spice shelf is as overloaded as mine, is a huge bonus.”

    Helen Best-Shaw – Fuss Free Flavours

  • “This is a bit of a new product on the market. These new Spice Drops® consist of droppers which are filled with concentrated liquid spice. The first advantage is that they take up a lot less room in the spice drawer than traditional pots, but the other key point is that they mix with liquid a lot easier. Not to mention they are easy to measure out exact portions with too. For me these new Spice Drops® meant one main thing,
    flavoured lattes! [Read More]"

    Foodstuff Finds, blog

  • “These Spice Drops® are the latest thing in spices. They are the concentrated extracts of natural spices which keep the flavour of the whole spices and herbs, but can be added without adding texture. The other great thing about them is they keep for 3 years after opening. I’ve been adding the garam masala
    drops to dal and burgers.”

    Jacqueline Meldrum, blogger

  • “Spice Drops is a range of 27 spice flavours. They are easy-to-use, yielding the required flavour to your cooking, instantly and without the hassle of weighing up, roasting, grinding and storing excess spice mixes. Each bottle contains 5ml and you only need one drop per 200g of curry.”

    Pat Chapman

  • “My first real test was whilst making my sudden lunch. I had a little frozen pease pudding in the freezer so made a quick soup and, at the last minute and suddenly I stirred in 3 drops of Garam Masala (equal to ½ tsp of dry garam masala) which gave the soup a lovely warm, curry-ish boost and which I shall definitely do again. I quickly fried myself some poppadom shards to go with it as is only right and proper.”

    Suzy Bowler, blogger

  • “I was recently sent some very interesting Holy Lama Spice Drops® to review… the idea behind the product is that the little droppers contain highly-concentrated extracts of the spices which add an immediate spice infusion to your cooking… one drop is equivalent to 1 teaspoon… I was slightly wary at first but the product is totally natural and has a three year shelf life which is always good…”

    Dominic Franks, blogger

  • “I was kindly given some lemongrass drops to try and was firstly taken by the wonderfully strong and lingering perfume. The drops themselves are fresh, carrying the essence of clean and juicy lemongrass and it is remarkably potent. A very small amount goes a really long way. I will now face no issues of lemongrass skins tainting my dish. A wonderfully useful and fragrant product which I enjoyed using.”

    Deena Kakaya, blogger

  • “Oooh, interesting! These super stocking-fillers mean canny cooks can do away with dry, dusty ground spices and the hassle of grinding whole ones fresh to order. The bottles of liquid spice extracts also have a pipette; and who doesn’t love a play with a pipette? The potent elixirs infuse dishes with vibrant, true flavour without discolouring or affecting texture. All sorts are available, but tulsi, saffron, cardamom, turmeric and the comforting-sounding kesar milk masala are my must-trys!”

    Zoe Perrett, blogger

  • “They’re really convenient. The most convenient garlic substitute I’ve come across. The flavour is unadulterated, there’s no strange aftertaste or hint of ‘something else’ that you can sometimes get with other pre-prepared garlic. The fact you don’t need to cook them is also great, as you can add it at any stage and don’t have to worry about it.”

    Lisa – lovelyappetite

  • “The benefits of these Spice Drops is that you can keep adding a drop at a time until you get the flavour you want. Plus they are very convenient and have a shelf-life of three years. A great store cupboard staple for when you want to give an ordinary dish a boost of something special.”

    Keith Kendrick, blogger

  • “As soon as I unwrapped the outer layer of protective plastic from the cinnamon bottle I nearly swooned with the wonderful scent that emanated from it.”

    Choclette, blogger

  • “When I got a tweet asking about sending me a press release, I was happy to receive it on the basis of the company name alone; I mean, how cool is Holy Lama?! Luckily the product caught my interest as well because it’s like nothing I’ve come across before and I can see it becoming an addition to my kitchen arsenal.”

    Claire Thomas, blogger

  • “…A wonderful, deep in scent and flavour Kesar Milk Masala drops …”

    Chintal Kakaya, blogger

  • "The spice drops come in a lovely box which clearly labels the spice. The spice drops themselves are easy to use as it has a pipette and it’s easy to measure drop by drop. The cardamom flavour was strong in smell, taste and intensity. These are a great alternative to grinding up spices and it’s so easy to use. I can’t wait to try the other flavours! [read more]"

    The Baking Addict, blogger

  • “I made a curry and a dahl using the gram masala drops, which worked well. It imparted a delicate flavour to both dishes. The rose extract I used to flavour a floral sponge and it added a perfumed note to whipped cream, perfect for topping for a Pavlova. I am also keen to add a few drops to the next strawberry jam I make.”

    Laura Scott, blogger